A Court Class, Inc.
Substance Abuse Counseling
Court Liasion & Offender Education
  1. Substance Abuse Evaluations
    Substance abuse evaluations conducted by Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors in both English and Spanish by appointment only. Please CONTACT US for easy scheduling.
  2. Proactive Court Liasion
    Our staff has been working directly with County Courts across the DFW area for more than a decade. We remain dedicated to helping the incarcerated individual and their defense team by meeting with the incarcerated individual, preparing substance abuse evaluations. For further information, please have the defense team contact us directly.
  3. Individual Counseling
    Substance Abuse Counselors advise people who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse and dependency related problems. Counselors provide treatment and support to help the client recover from addiction or modify substance-abusing behaviors.
  4. You Are Not Alone
    Fellowship Support of Community Programs encouraged through 12-step programs, Christian-based programs, and Celebrate Recovery There are thousands of supportive groups and organizations accessible and personalized fellowship could be the key to on-going recovery support.
  5. Action Planning & Goal Setting
    With more than a decade of working directly with County and Municipal Courts, bond supervision and probation stipulations, action planning is a core goal for the individual facing loss of freedom &/or decent into alcoholism or addiction and the negative consequences associated with chemical consumptions.
  6. Sensitive to Confidentiality
    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration CFR-42b HIPPA rules apply Confidentiality Regulations to Health Information Exchange Participants may chose to sign a statement of confidentiality for the release of information for their family members, spouse, defense team, probation, Court, bond, or a combination of persons, entities, or for service coordination &/or referring agencies. Participant may also chose to revoke any consent previously signed unless otherwise forbidden to do so by referring agency.